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Primary School

‘Yes I Can’ Day

We are all superhero’s / superhuman

Who are DICE and what do we do?

DICE is a community organisation who specialise in providing events and activities for local people with a disAbility. We have a fantastic experienced leadership team and with the support of volunteers we are able to make a significant difference to a lot of people. Our mottos ‘Taking the dis out of disABILITY as no one likes to be dissed’ and ‘disAbility = Possibility’ signifies that we have a YES I CAN attitude about our work which rubs off on those who we come into contact with. It is with great pride and excitement that we present you with our ‘YES I CAN’ day.

What benefits will this have for your school?

Having a positive mindset makes learning much more likely. That’s why it is essential to

create a positive learning environment to encourage a child’s healthy development.

Schools are often looking for new and innovative ways to be more proactive in this area. This is particularly important when it comes to developing attitudes and behaviors towards areas including bullying and discrimination. The YES I CAN day provide schools with a great opportunity to evidence to parents, governors and Ofsted their commitment to providing a more a positive learning environment. Here are a few extracts from the most recent Ofsted School Inspection Handbook that link to this great opportunity.


Published: August 2016 Reference no: 150066



Inspectors must ensure that they observe pupils in a range of situations outside normal

lessons to evaluate other aspects of personal development, behaviour and welfare. This includes during enrichment activities (including clubs and activities outside of the normal timetabled curriculum).

Inspectors must take advantage of opportunities to gather evidence from a wide range of pupils, both formally and informally. During informal conversations with pupils, inspectors must ask them about their experiences of learning and behaviour in the school, including the prevention of bullying and how the school deals with discrimination.


“It has hugely influenced on their understanding of what ability is and has had an immediate impact on attitudes within the classroom and beyond”

– Mrs McAdams, Kingfisher Primary School.

We asked the DICE to come in and spent the day with our year ones as we were learning all about the Paralympics/Superheros. Colin and the rest of the fantastic team planned and delivered the whole day, which was amazing and inspirational! The children loved it and gained so much from the day. I highly recommend the DICE team, they work so hard and it really does show!

- Miss Mallinson - Kingfisher primary school



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